Forum avatar now live on Path of Exile

It’s been a long time coming but today is cause for celebration: my custom-designed Path of Exile forum avatar is finally live on the site. I spend a fair amount of my downtime playing Path of Exile or interacting on the forums so it’s good to have a congruent online identity. Happy Days! Advertisements

Affirmations and impious caramel pralines

Feature image courtesy of Karin Taylor. Beautiful imagery. See more at I’ve started doing positive affirmations again. This entails: Thinking of something you want to achieve. Creating a positive statement of achieving the goal. Typing that positive statement ten times to affirm your intent. Save the text file. Repeat every day until you either achieve … Continue reading

Rekindled love for Lovatt’s Crosswords

Since my last post, I’ve: been through a full musical hobby revival cycle. learnt 1500 French words and phrases with Anki. stopped pixelating my purpose because it was adding stress to my daily routine. looked at several houses with a view to moving but still live in a tired old flat. played countless hours of … Continue reading

Hey 2013! How you getting on?

I had every intention of becoming a regular blogger this year but with every passing week, the resistance to make the first post got that little bit greater. I’ve finally broken through the picket line. In truth, I only succeeded because I have a lot of work to do this weekend and I’m running out … Continue reading


I’m not putting much time aside to read the magazines that fall on my doormat throughout the month these days. I did a review of subscriptions today and cut Custom PC from the list. My pratical-geek-tech fix is now met by Computer Shopper. If I had to choose just one magazine to keep it would … Continue reading

Pixelated Purpose

I started a new stress and time management initiative called “Pixelated Purpose” about 4 weeks ago. Every 30 minute slot of time is a “pixel” and I colour each pixel based on what I’ve been doing or plan to do in that time: Blue is structured work. Yellow is unstructured downtime e.g. mealtimes or watching … Continue reading

Guild Wars 2 leads to creative hiatus

It’s been a while since I picked up the pencil and I’m giving Guild Wars 2 all the credit. It’s a captivating game. I’ve played for 35 hours over the last 22 days across 5 races each in a different profession with just over half that time spent as a Human Elementalist that is also … Continue reading

Moodles and learning about portraits

I continued to drag my feet this week but did at least break open the Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain book and read through Chapter 9 “Facing Forward: Portrait Drawing with Ease” up to the first set of exercises. The book revealed a few unexpected truths about the proportions of features on … Continue reading

Losing traction

There’s a growing disparity between thought and action at the moment. I’m having trouble distancing myself enough from work and other aspects of my life to give art a fair chance. Creative time feels like a luxury I can’t afford. As with the last post, I’ve restricted myself to doodles over the last few days. … Continue reading

Doodle do

Work has been full on of late and I’ve not tried hard enough to squeeze in quality creative time. Instead I contented myself with a few quick doodles on scraps of paper (feature and below) and on the iPad (next). At my most distracted, I started doodling on my work notepad but the result looked … Continue reading