The Drobo Conundrum Part I

My DroboFS is SLOOOOOOOOW. Read throughput is rarely over 10MB/s average.

Was not expecting this. Was going to use the Drobo as a primary storage location but accessing the device to get large files frequently is a problem. What’s more, doing so just reminds me I spent a lot of money on something that is not meeting my expectations.

Had DroboFS worked right, I’d have been left without a viable backup solution. Now DroboFS *is* the main backup solution and I need to think about:

  • how to manage my working set of files that benefit from faster access times
  • how to manage off site backups
  • how to handle backup of work set and working environment

Easy decisions:

  • I will backup main PC onto the Drobo at regular intervals.
  • I will copy the last PC backup to offsite storage maybe once a month
  • My most important files should be stored directly on the PC and at least backed up on the drobo (maybe I could do daily or weekly incremental backups?
  • I’ll backup less important or older data onto loose SATA drives (1.5TB is the cheapest option at the time of writing) and keep a copy on the Drobo while there’s room.

to be continued (lunch break over :P)…


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