The Drobo Conundrum Part II

Background info: since Part I post, I’ve contacted Drobo support and with a bit of help and patience, I’m witnessing a max read speed of 23MB/s as backup data is moving from Drobo to an attached 1TB USB-attached drive.


I had an idea whilst driving home tonight: I could use disk packs with the drobo for the offsite backups. in other words, once a month, remove the storage pack from the drobo and insert a set of backup disks. Do backup. Remove, replace with storage pack.

Idea seemed worth some consideration but now I’m thinking that adding/removing disks increases wear and tear thus increasing risk of drive failure.

there’s also the need to buy yet more disks for the backup disk packs.

So for now, I’ve opted to backup on drobo then keep a copy of the backup offsite, rotating the offsite disks. This works okay as long as:

–  there’s enough room on the drobo to do a full backup

– I have enough patience to transfer backup to disk(s) with sufficient capacity (been running for 10 hours now, longer than the actual backup).

If I can guarantee the backup fits on one harddrive then I can skip the backup to drobo part, so maybe I just shell out for a couple of 2Tb hard drives and be done with it.


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