MacBook Pro creates awe and guilt in equal measures

Maybe I’m charting my demise. I took another step towards the precipice today.

iPad cometh and with it the temptation to develop applications for it and by extension, the desire to finally get an Apple laptop or computer.

Naturally, a laptop is a more useful choice. Apples don’t come cheap though and what’s more, I’m unlikely  to buy the bottom of the range because once I’ve bought it, I can’t go upgrade later for the price difference.

So today during the afternoon, I convinced myself to buy a 15″ iCore i7 from PCWorld. I collected it after work. I am not going to pay off my credit card this month.. or for the next year or so. I almost went for the 17″ model but so glad the sales rep got me to play about with the various models and make sure I had chosen the right one.

MacBook Pro being unboxed

I have to say the whole sales experience was rather bizarre. Maybe Apple had a hand in it because it was really strange that the sales rep didn’t just go get the product I ordered and ring up the sale. I ended up spending £100 less but got the version I’d secretly wanted but couldn’t bring myself to wait for.

Anyway, I took it home and duly took videos and pictures of the unboxing ceremony.

The whole feel is luxurious and the type in the first PDF file that I opened just blew me away. Within a few minutes of using the Mac, I didn’t want to go back to the PC.

Thing is, I don’t think I can tell my fiancee about this. She will probably leave me. I have spent a fortune over the last month and there is no money tree I can shake to get the money back quickly.

I feel compelled to do this but also compelled to lie about it. This can’t be healthy. I just hope it’s not an addiction and that the spending will stop soon.

Anyway, that’s long enough on one post. Onwards and upwards.


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