First look at iPad Development

Taking a look at iPad development for the first time today with help of Simon Allardice’s excellent iPhone SDK Essential Training from’s training library.

In the process, I discovered that my screen is not the high res version that I thought it was so an iPad view does not fit on the screen in portrait mode. To be honest, I’m not sure it would have fit if I’d had the right screen and the workaround is easy: get a DVI connector for the macbook and plug in one of my PC monitors.

The thought of buying an Apple display did cross my mind but I have both the macbook display and the ipad display for colour tests.

Here’s the app in the screenshot above running in the simulator:

I hit a glitch upon first “build & run” because I’d added a map component and didn’t know that it needed some extra project settings to work. Answer found here (solution was to link the MapKit.framework library).

None of the items on the screen do anything. I’ve just been through the introductory chapters so far. Haven’t written a single line of code.


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