Accessing iDisk from Windows 7

Consumed at least half an hour trying to get integrated idisk access on my Windows 7 64-bit machine.

Finally got it working by following the advice here:

Repost for ease of reference:

1) Open “Computer”

2) Click on “Map Network Drive” at the top (under the path/location area)

3) Select the drive letter you want it to be connected under.

4) In the folder name entry area you want to enter:


4) Enable “Connect using different credentials”

5) Click ‘OK’

6) Enter your me username and password, enable saving of the information then proceed.

This seems pretty obvious and I’m convinced I tried it a few times using different access routes (e.g. explorer window, network sharing centre… ) with no success before finding this website and giving it one last try. It was a complete surprise when it finally accepted my credentials with no fuss. So be warned, it may not work for you first time.


There is a MobileMe Control Panel for windows. See here:


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