Evaluating VMWare Fusion

Another experiment I’d like to try is using my Poker Virtual Machine on the macbook. So lets see if Fusion allows windows host images to be used on the Mac.

[A day passes]

Okay, I copied my poker VM across to the Mac and ran it under VMWare Fusion. Performance one-tabling at Full Tilt with HUD was absolutely fine. The HUD even worked in Unity mode.

One thing to watch with Unity is that it integrates all the Windows taskbar applications into the top right-hand “Mac tray” (whatever – I haven’t learnt what it is yet) making it surprisingly cluttered if you’re used to auto-hide in Windows tucking away the majority of your taskbar status icons.

Another problem with Unity – for me at least – is that the applications from the VM start appearing in the results of the SpotLight search.


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