RTFM . Replacement iPad cometh

Called Apple support today and went through the steps to determine that my iPad needs to be returned.

Shelled out £85 for  AppleCare Protection Plan because that way they send the replacement within 2 days and you can hold on to the old device until the new one arrives. Didn’t read the small print though: if after inspection Apple decides it is your fault, they can charge you anything up to the price of the device minus VAT.

Received an e-mail this evening to say the replacement has shipped. Nice.

Not so nice: during the diagnostic procedure I had to reset the device to its factory state. In doing so, I lost my backup – having not realized that iTunes only keeps one backup and the “Set up as new” process immediately creates a  backup of the restored device, wiping your last backup.

When investigating what “went wrong”, I found a knowledge base article on Apple’s site that recommends grabbing the last good backup of your device from the iTunes hard disk folder and storing it somewhere safe.

At least I know now!

Luckily, I had already explicitly saved my journal and the only other thing on the device worth keeping was my progress on the ImplodeXL! game.


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