iPhone 4… meh

iPhone 4 launch day in the UK. I’m in the mall running an errand, figure I should go check out the new iPhone at the O2 store.

Navigate my way past all the staff wearing Apple iPhone 4 tee-shirts. Work my way to the iPhone display.

First impression: meh

Pick it up, swipe a few times, look at some photos. yeah the display is crisper but here’s the thing: it’s still a small display. Do I care if I can see pixel edges on my phone? Not really.

The more I look at the phone, the more I feel it’s iPhone3G+2 and the less I want to fork out £200+ to upgrade.

Face time. meh. I’m too old to be in the “lets video call with my mates” category. I should probably be a proud parent by now, eager to video call  with my teenage children or show off my baby’s latest tricks.

I’m obviously not a target demographic any more, if I ever was.


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