Elgato Turbo.264 HD brings twice the performance

The Elgato Turbo.264 HD device came today and on my 15″ MacBook Pro 2.66Ghz iCore 7 (2 cores), here are the results processing a 5m 40s AVI file originally encoded using Divx at 2Mb/s.

Before Turbo using Toast: 215 seconds
Toast with Turbo active: 116 seconds

Windows PC: 81 seconds but bit-rate of produced file was too high
TurboHD without Toast: 105 seconds but no sound produced

As mentioned in an earlier post, whilst my beefier Windows PC can encode videos faster, I have yet to find a config that produces H.264 videos at the right size and quality.

Using Elgato’s supplied user interface was slightly faster but produced output with no sound on this trial.

On a 1080i 50fps clip, the supplied user interface worked just fine.


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