First StarCraft, now Age of Empires.. then Civilization

My other life as a casual poker player tempted me to try StarCraft and StarCraft II a few weeks ago. This in turn reignited an interest in Real-Time Strategy games which in turn gave me an excuse to go buy the complete set of Age of Empires games.

I doubt they will work in Windows 7 so I’ve created an XP virtual machine just for these RTS games.

Someone mentioned Sid Meier’s Civilization to me today so I’ve ordered Civ III and Civ IV complete DVDs. Reading up on them it turns out these are Turn-based strategy games. They were pretty cheap – as were the Age of Empire DVDs – so no great shakes if they turn out not to be my cup of tea.

I have played StarCraft and StarCraft II for a few hours so far. I doubt I will play these games very often either but I can’t say I care very much. They are all little space fillers for those times I don’t want to do anything more meaningful and have time to relax.


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