A little lost but still spending

I was going to archive my posts and close this little blog down but figured what the hell, I need a place to vent and my poker blog doesn’t seem like the right place for it.

Might still change my mind of course.

Anyhoo, recently I’ve kept my spending relatively low key.

Explored the world of Magic The Gathering. Bought a few fat packs and accessories from The Magic MadHouse to sample the physical game and got myself an account at Magic Online.

For some unfathomable reason, my favourite card art to date is on Painful Quandry.

Found out about Steam. Bought steam-powered Duels of the Planeswalkers. I like this game because I can get my head around some of the incredible complexity of Magic without having to embarrass myself against other players online.

Like the whole Steam concept. Downloaded the beta of Medal of Honour: Tier 1. It just magically disappeared when the beta expired. Pretty neat.

In fact, I’ve been pretty impressed with the gaming experience on my PC. It is a quad-core i7 with 12GB ram and 1GB video RAM so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. StarCraft II rocks on it and every game I’ve tried looks lush with no discernable lag issues as yet even at high def settings.

For that reason, in search of a better interace than mouse and keyboard, I bought myself a wired XBOX 360 controller. Seems joysticks are Old Skool these days. Wouldn’t surprise me if Keyboard+Mice is all PC FPS shooters use and I’ve just gone wasted a little more of my hard-earned cash on an unnecessary tool.

Apart from that… mind’s a little blank.

Dead Rising 2 – Steel Box edition. Liked the pen-shaped-like-a-syringe more than the actual game.

Tekken 6 – bought platinum version. It’s okay. Still prefer Street Figher IV.

Switched gyms to David Lloyd. Needed a break from Fitness First. It is a lot more expensive though so I had to limit myself to off-peak, no tennis, one-site-only to get a similar monthly price.

that’s about it.


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