EA finally twists my arm with FIFA11

Every now and again I think about buying a footy sim. Last year I got cold feet at the last minute with FIFA10 . FIFA11 finally won me over.

The game play is accessible even to a complete novice. I picked “beginner” during initial setup so the engine may have put on some training wheels for me. No matter. It’s good honest fun and a match can last as little as 10 minutes + over time + time spent faffing with substitutes. Just right for my fickle gaming habits.

I play in the lower leagues to guarantee a close-but-fun game against the AI. As for the default team, I picked Walsall because the the Bescot Stadium is en route to my girlfriend’s house.

Bought the game from GameStation using 9 old games to bring the price down to £8 from £39.99. Some of the games I exchanged only fetched 50p. Really gave me pause about how much money I’ve spent on computer games in recent years. Gotta watch that.



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