Tripped up by Triggers in Seapine’s TestTrack Workflow

Much though I rate Seapine for their software “just working” and providing plenty of helpful and robust features, the workflow in Seapine’s TestTrack defect management system is slowly driving me mad. I figured posting here would help release some of the frustration.

It’s been a while since I progressed the corporate workflow redesign that I’ve been advertising for about a year now. So, having had a eureka moment a few weeks ago and with a little time on my hands (actually, it’s holiday that I’ve decided to spend on research) I rolled up my sleeves for another attempt.

The Big Idea was to introduce some additional custom event fields to act as status flags then let TestTrack decide when to progress items from one state to the next based on a combination of these flags. The goal being to reduce complexity for end-users and simplify what is turning out to be a complex workflow.

The Big Idea doesn’t work!

It turns out that for the Big Idea to work, you’d have to trigger an action as soon as a filter condition is met and the resulting action would need to modify a defect record. This fails on two counts:

  • You can’t modify defects in triggers unless the defect is being modified by the user (i.e. “before save”).
  • The filters are evaluated before a defect is first modified and after it is saved. So you can’t fire a “before save” trigger for a defect that only meets the filter criteria after it’s been saved.

So I’m back to the drawing board again 😦


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