Octane Render – GPU Delight

I was trying to find some comparisons of FryRender vs V-Ray today and discovered Octane Render. This GPU-based unbiased renderer is currently in beta and Refractive Software are selling the product at 99 Euros for a limited time. They currently estimate the retail price to be around 200 euros when finally released.

Compared to Fry Render or Arion Render – on the market at 795 Euros – this is an absolute steal. Of course, I snapped it up!

Octane is an iterative renderer and you get a reasonable image of a simple scene on an NVidia GTX 260 in seconds. The tutorials are very good and explain enough for you to feel comfortable navigating and operating the software. Just my luck one of the tests that I wanted to do – illuminate a scene using meshes – isn’t possible in the demo version and the demo literature didn’t mention that the Add menu is restricted so I did a lot of searching in vain.

Anyhow, the renders are excellent. I’m tempted to upgrade my graphics card to a GTX 580 but I’ll wait see how I get on. So far the scenes I’ve tried have only used about 20MBs of graphics card memory and the speed is acceptable. So, no justification for 1.5Gb of video memory and 2.5 times the number of CUDA cores 🙂

Here are some example images.

Material Preview

Demo Scene after Material Tutorial


Demo Scene after Lighting Tutorial

Oba Boxes from SoftImage with materials and lighting changes


Polygonized Lagoa ICE Particles


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