Welcome back 3DS Max. Now let’s have some fun!

Ok, this is definitely it for 3D packages. Sorry lightwave, but I’ve already spent too much and have more packages than I’ll ever have time to learn. Maybe in a future year when CORE comes to fruition I’ll be itching to spend more time with you but 2011 will be featuring 3DS Max, Modo and SoftImage.

So, back to the story line: my 3DS Max subscription contract came through today. I duly downloaded the software and decided today’s exercise was to check that distributed rendering was going to work okay. turned out to be very easy to do.

My first attempt at a test scene wasn’t anything to write home about but as it’s my 3D doodle here it is:

Searching the recesses of my PC turned up a more useful test subject: a Gnomology assett by Jeff Patton. Here’s an intermediate shot of the render window showing 8 cores at work (home PC + work laptop – 8 cores = 16 rendering threads total).

credit Jeff Patton, Gnomology

Here’s the final render. Rendering time 35 minutes.

32 Ford Studio Credit: Jeff Patton, Gnomology

First impressions returning to 3DS Max?

  • Complicated! I am struggling to find my way around the interface at the moment. Options hidden on those push-to-scroll property panels. Not as intuitive as SoftImage or Modo where I tend to remember more from one 3D fad to the next.
  • Robust. It truly feels like a production package. I get the urge to do large intricate scenes when I open 3DS Max.

Anyhoo, I’d best dash. Good luck in all you do.


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