Testing the Octane SoftImage Plug-in

This weekend’s 3D indulgence was a test of the Octane plug-in for SoftImage. I’m very pleased with the results and I have a sneaking feeling that SoftImage coupled with the Octane renderer make 3DS Max unnecessary from a hobbyist perspective. Oh well! I have both now 🙂

Here’s the creation:

Still from the Movie

I started with the Lagoa test scene I did a few days ago. Was just going to convert the scene to use Octane but then discovered I could set an instance shape for particles rather than use the Polygonizer which would give a more interesting result and in trying to make that switch I discovered that the basic lagoa simulation didn’t have a Shape node to plug in an Instance Shape.

So, I reconstructed the ICE tree.

Ice Tree for the Lagoa Simulation

In the process I dropped the Torus as an emitter and added it to the collision objects.

Screenshot from SoftImage

To make easier in Octane, I made sure the scene materials had descriptive names. Materials were assigned to the floor structure, the torus and the particles.

Scene Tree and Materials

The workflow for a render is:

  • ensure the Octane exporter is set up correctly
  • render a frame
  • in Octane
    • set up the materials by hooking up new materials
    • save the Octane project
    • close Octane
  • in Softimage, make sure the exporter is referencing the correct octane project and will not overwrite it
  • render the animation

Materials overridden in Octane

Rendering a Frame in Octane


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