Digital Lighting and Rendering – Stonehenge

I updated my copies of Digital Lighting & Rendering (Jeremy Birn) and 3DS Max Bible (Kelly Murdock) and have started reading the former as a way to relax after work.

In chapter two there’s a stonehenge-type scene. I did a very basic version so I could try out the lighting in Octane and Mental Ray.

Here’s the Octane result

Stonehenge-type structure in Octane

scene was created in 3DS Max, exported via FBX to SoftImage, tweaked for transfer to Octane then rendered. Obv. a few of those steps were unnecessary but I’m just exercising the tools.

Here’s the scene using Mental Images I-Ray.

Basic Stonehenge scene rendered in Iray

It’s not meant to be the same. To be honest it’s the first render I’ve done with iray that didn’t come out totally black or grey scale. I don’t know how to get soft shadows with iray and I used a photometric light which started out so bright it bleached all the colour out of the scene. I should probably use a light-emitting object like in Octane but tonight’s window for tweaking closed before I got to that.


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