Trivial Spotlight Test

I’ve spent hours playing with a very basic scene today in 3DS Max, then SoftImage then Modo, just experimenting a little with spotlights and feeling a little lost in the process.

Figure I’d put the tests here as a keep sake more than anything.

Spotlight in 3DS Max with volumetric effect applied

I couldn’t get a hint of reflection on the materials in 3DS Max. Probably just started with the wrong base material type.

Here’s an iray render of the same scene without the volumetrics and an extra spot light.

3dsmax iray spotlight test


The results in SoftImage weren’t worth posting. I used FBX to transfer the model and I think the units got a little mixed up. Also, FBX doesn’t support photometric lights so they came across as ordinary spot lights.

I then exported via Obj to Modo. The obj exporter has a modo preset. The materials came across luminant and there were no lights or camera and the geometry was all part of a single mesh but it wasn’t difficult to correct these issues and move on.

Spotlight Test in Modo

Modo was the easiest package to experiment with. The Ray GL setting with Advanced Open GL selected in the view port allows you to interactively tweak the lighting and get a good idea what the render is going to look like.



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