The wishlist is growing again. Final Cut Pro X, iPhone 5, Kindle2…

It’s been a while since I craved technology and as a result my bank balance has been healing nicely of late.

However, the level of temptation went up a few notches in the last few days. Here are a few material things that landed squarely on my radar recently.

Final Cut Pro X

I watched the NAB presentation linked from this great article on Final Cut Pro X and by the end I was clapping with the audience. I am definitely buying this when it launches.

[Update 1/10/2011: I bought Final Cut Pro X on the launch date, as predicted.  I haven’t actually used it yet…]

IPhone 5

I saw this prototype of the iPhone5 in the latest Custom PC Magazine and was immediately smitten.

The picture in Custom PC Magazine is even more lush but just the front face. If iPhone5 looks like this I am 95% certain to buy it almost irrespective of any new features!

Amazon Kindle

On a flight to Paris, I  was sitting next to a work colleague reading on the latest Amazon Kindle. The text was incredibly easy to read – very easy on the eyes. My ipad might be a great all-round tablet device but the backlit display can get a bit tiring after a while. If I was planning to read copious amounts of text, I’d seriously consider buying a Kindle as well. The model with free 3G is a steal at £152. Apparently you can read internet pages (it’s a painful interface but is okay for brief searches e.g. wikipedia) and blogs as well as connect to the Kindle store on 3G.



[Update 1/10/2011: I bought the Kindle 3 earlier this year and LOVE it. I don’t use it all the time but it is great for reading books. Wholeheartedly recommend it.]

NVidia GTX590

Now we’re into the more fanciful category. This one in particular would take a lot to justify but I read about it in this month’s Custom PC Magazine and it looks pretty damn awesome.

There’s a review on Guru3d here. They also review the reference model somewhere on the site.

If all 1024 shader processors and 3GB of memory can be used by GPU-based renders like Octane Render then halleluyah!

However, GTX590 is effectively two GTX580s hooked up via an onboard SLI connection and, having done some quick research on the Octane Render forums, Octane would see two 1.5GB GTX580 GPUs and the recommendation is to stick with GTX580 with as much onboard memory as possible.

Either way, GTX590 is vastly superior to my current GTX260!

[Update 1/10/2011: I compromised by buying two GTX570s so I could move to a triple-head display for gaming at an affordable price]

Apple Cinema Display

When I buy Final Cut Pro X, I’ll start lusting after the 27″ cinema display again. I just know it! I’d best start looking for an alternative that works with the PC as well.

Apple Cinema Display 27inch

Thought I’d posted about this wishlist item before but apparently not. Last time I looked into this gadget I couldn’t see any easy way to connect it to a PC. Without PC connectivity, the screen is a no-go for me.

Update 18/4/11

NEC do a very good 30″ monitor: but I think I’d go for the Eizo 27″


Mac Pro

Final Cut Pro is likely to push me slightly more towards Mac hardware in general. A Mac Pro is a complete flight of fancy given the prices for 12-core machines start at 4k and I wouldn’t want anything less 🙂


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