The one where Oba buys TWO Nike+ GPS Sportswatches

It was on my wishlist so I suppose this day was inevitable. At least, buying one was inevitable. The other, with hindsight, was pretty likely as I couldn’t really buy myself one of these gadgets without buying one for my other half who logs more kilometres than me.

I bought the sportswatches from my local Sweatshop store (David Lloyd’s Brierly Hill).

Here’s what’s in the box.

  • Sportswatch
  • Quick start guide
  • Nike+ Sensor
  • Nike+TomTom-branded USB Extension lead

I was  pleased to see a Nike+ sensor included the package. Cynics may point out that the sensor may nudge people to buy Nike shoes and is effectively a consumable because the internal battery cannot be replaced or recharged (last about a year if I recall). Still, the watch functions without the sensor and I think it’s a nice touch to see Nike give away their equivalent of a Garmin footpod to increase the flexibility of the watch out-of-the-box.

Another nice touch was that this product uses it’s own Nike+ Connect app instead of integrating with iTunes. Installation on the Mac (OSX 10.6) was a breeze. Installation on my other half’s ageing XP laptop was a little more problematic: the watch was in an unusable state after the first attempt at updating the firmware but a reboot and reconnect sorted out the problem.

I’ve ordered a Polar Wearlink+ sensor to go with it.

We took the watches out for a spin in the afternoon (picture above taken much later). The GPS located within a minute or so even with some tree cover. We did 1 km and uploaded the results to Nike Running.

Initial impression: the watch is simple enough to operate. My other half loves it. I’m glad to be back in the Nike+ fold as I missed the community aspect of the Nike running experience. However, the Garmin Forerunner wins on:

  • level of detail in the captured data – Nike+ seems to simply the data and give a one-size-fits-all interface onto it
  • access to and ownership of the data – Garmin provides a personal application where you can store results and organize them as you wish

I’m tempted to wear both watches when I run but that’s not practical. I’m going to miss the Garmin from a techy standpoint but when push coems to shove I’d rather use the same tech as Caroline and that means Nike all the way.

3 Responses to “The one where Oba buys TWO Nike+ GPS Sportswatches”
  1. Nicola says:

    I wondered if you and your other half are still enjoying the watches. Wondering about buying one but every running shop tries to put me off…!

    • obadonke says:

      Hi Nicola, Caroline and I have switched to using the Nike Running app on our iPhones. It’s more convenient with the music and safety of having your phone with you plus gps locates quickly and it’s generally charged all the time. I still use the garmin when I want to track my heart rate etc but have to recharge it beforehand.

      • Nicola Gibb says:

        Ah, interesting. I have actually just gone ahead and bought a garmin, but might continue also using Nike+ on my phone as I do like the interface and the sharing element.

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