Kindle 3 first impression

I found out yesterday evening that I’d received some more money back from a poker site and it just so happened I’d seen an Amazon Kindle 3 Wifi + 3G near the sandwich counter in Tesco that morning. It was too much of a coincidence to pass up so this morning on my way to work, I collected my daily paper, sandwiches, Costa Medium-Latte-To-Go and.. a Kindle…

I didn’t get a chance to open the box until the afternoon but having already witnessed the Kindle in action last month, I was happy to wait.

The box contained the Kindle, a power adapter and a quick start guide.

Initially I thought the instruction text was stuck onto the screen but (of course!) it was actual e-ink left on the device prior to shipping. The display changes to the Amazon Kindle logo (in the top shot) when you start charging it.

As expected, the screen is exceptionally easy to read. The device is light and portable but feels quite delicate so I’ve ordered a case now.

The screen size is adequate for comfortable reading. You can reduce the font size down to something similar to a normal book if you want.

I prefer reading on the kindle to reading on the ipad already: the Kindle is much easier on the eyes and easier to hold. However, the iPad has a multitude of other uses and will remain an integral part of my tech for the foreseeable future.


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