Software Testing coming to Oba’s Sandbox

An innocent search of the kindle store today lead to a good few hours immersing myself in Software Testing resources on the internet. I’ve joined a community, read some whitepapers, tweets and bought books.

What better way to draw this segment of the day to a close than an inaugural testing-related blog post?

So, lest I forget when the following people, concepts and websites entered my consciousness, let’s make a record.

The Software Testing Club – a vibrant global and professional community for software testers with an active UK contigent. I’ve put my name down for a meetup on June 1st in Bristol. Hope to make it there. The STC produces a quarterly

Michael Bolton (blog) – not the singer! Creator of the Rapid Software Testing course with James Bach. He was interviewed by STC recently and gave some great responses.

Experimental Testing- I’d already heard of this concept but it appears to be highly regarded (in some circles at least) as an effective test method. I’d so far thought of it as a bit hit and miss but a good way for domain experts to give feedback on quality. Obviously I need to read a lot more on this topic! Wikipedia lists Experimental vs Scripted as one of many software testing controversies.

Session-based Testing – an interesting way to manage testing effort that involves focused time-boxed testing sessions. Each session produces outputs that can help both refine testing practices and produce metrics for stakeholders at minimal extra cost for the testers. According to the notes at the end of this white paper (by Jonathon and James Back), it relies on the test manager orchestrating sessions and processing session reports in a timely manner.

Gojko Adzic (twitter) – wrote a book called “Bridging the communication gap” and has another book “Specification by Example” due to release next month. Gets a lot of rave reviews and quotes from people in the industry.

Gojko has a knack for punchy, entertaining and effective diagrams. For instance:

credit: Gojko Adzic

Lisa Crispin (twitter) – co-author of Agile Testing. Her name appeared a few times today.

Scott Barber (twitter) – a proponent of Context-Driven testing.

Context-Driven School of Testing – haven’t read much of anything on this yet but from a quick scan of the link, I’d say it’s an agile approach to testing i.e. starting with nothing but a loose set of principles then deciding on a project by project basis exactly how you’re going to go about testing it. Just like a master craftsman might look at the design of an object before deciding which materials and tools are best used to construct it.


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