iRacing lapping the field

Forza Motorsport 3 arrived today.

Noticed some realistic braking & steering effects but it’s let down by crumby force feedback though I’m only using a wireless controller so it’s hard to tell. Doubt I’ll be playing it much.

iRacing has tempted me to head towards a 3 monitor rig setup with updated graphics cards. I’ll do another post about that some day soon. For now, here are some videos demonstrating the realism of iRacing.

The first one was grabbed early in my trial of the service. I jumped out of my skin when the car when BANG. I have never blown the engine in a racing sim by changing down through the gears too quick. That was a revelation!

the next one was this evening’s foray onto the track. First turn at Indianapolis race way. First time on the track. First time in a Chevrolet Silverado truck.

The sound of the engine is amazing, the way the car reacts as it slides from tarmac onto and over the grass into the wall is hyper realistic. Great!


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