Online Racing SimRig version 1.0 in operation

I’ve spent a small fortune over the last few weeks and ended up with somewhat of a compromise, but I’m pleased with it.

Virtual Racing SimRig Version 1

thanks to a helpful hint on good color settings for the LG here:

and advice on how to get SLI working across 3 monitors here:

I eventually got up and running. Note that the perspective isn’t quite right. Maybe when I’m a bit more rested I’ll try to make it more like true surround but I suspect I won’t get great results unless I replace my DELL 2407 with another LG W2363D.

Although I bought the Fanatec GT3 racing wheel, I went back to the Driving Force GT because I preferred the feel of the Logitech wheel. The Porsche GT3 wheel is big and soft which didn’t feel right for a racing wheel but the biggest problem was that my desk did not suit the clamp. There’s a bar across the underside front of my desk that stops the claw from gripping the table top. I tried a few contraptions to keep the wheel stable but failed miserably.

The upcoming Forza 4 Elite racing wheel from Fanatec will most likely tempt me back. If it comes with the same clamping system I’ll have to mod my desk – maybe even go for a hard mount.

Fanatec Clubsport Pedals - boxshot

I must admit when I first tried the ClubSport pedals I thought the whole shipment from Fanatec had been an unmitigated disaster. As it turns out, once I’d tweaked a few settings in iRacing and followed the advice on insideSimRacing.TV, the pedals were great. I highly recommend Fanatec ClubSport pedals to anyone thinking  about taking simracing to the next level.


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