iRacing 2.0 cars and tracks announced in pre-sale

Today the service announced the upcoming release of the Ford GT and the Strakka Racing LMP ARX-01C cars along with the Suzuka International Racing circuit (with an active overpass – a first for iRacing) and the Iowa Speedway.

Ford GT and LMP ARX-01C iRacing cars

I snapped  them up immediately without realizing that they aren’t actually available to try out yet.

Yes, that’s right… I just paid $40 for content that hasn’t been released yet, receiving no additional discount or other benefit (e.g. early access) for doing so. Oh man, I’m hooked!

Since the last post, I’ve completed the gadget purchases for my simrig (updating it to version 1.5 – will post a picture some day), read the iRacing sporting code, and put my toe in the water of iRacing official time trials on the Lanier Speedway.

Currently working to achieve a sub 16 second lap time in the Legends Ford ’34 Coupe (fixed setup). Spectating a race, I was able to follow the line and acceleration of a fast driver and this has helped get my current personal best down to 16.031.


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