Mac OSX Lion – Installed and Loving It!

I have an early 2011 iCore i7 MacBook Pro and installed Mac OSX Lion 10.7 as soon as I got home last night.

Installing Mac OSX Lion

Left the mac doing it’s thing for about 40 minutes and after passing the scroll competency test (you can’t get back to your OS after install unless you successfully use two fingers to scroll the instruction dialog down to the continue button) initially thought very little had changed.

Having an iPad, I experimented using 3 finger and four finger swipes. Found out quickly that:
– 3 finger swipe right flicks over to the dashboard.
– 3 finger swipe up flicks into the new mission control view

Initially I was thinking “ok, might be useful”. Within half an hour I was saying “WOW! THIS IS AWESOME!”. I absolutely love it. It’s completely intuitive and in a few days I’ll probably be taking it for granted like it’s been available for years.

This one feature alone is enough to justify the upgrade for me. I also like the full screen view.

Mail took a while to work again on restart. It had to upgrade the database and struggled to connect to the mail providers for a little while but came right in the end. I did re-enter some passwords but not sure if that was necessary.
Still getting used to the changes to mail interface.

As I was writing this I noticed that Finder has changed. My first thought when I opened a new finder window was “OMG, it’s going to be even harder to hide files now” 🙂 I guess I’d best be careful what I put on the mac 😉

Looking at the Finder changes the right way ’round: I located a file I’d added recently (and needed for this blog post), in seconds due to the new layout. So that’s a win.

Ok, time for work. If you’re out there considering a Mac OSX Lion upgrade, I recommend it. Yet to find any applications that were incompatible but please do your own checks for your key applications.

One Response to “Mac OSX Lion – Installed and Loving It!”
  1. I installed OSX Lion on my mac…Does anyone know how to change the settings on Safarri… When u turn off the computer and turn it back on it opens to the last page i was on… I want it to open up on my homepage when i turn on my computer.. Yahoo,, or whatever i want as my homepage… Could someone help me???

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