first iRacing forum posts, open practice, qualify and race

Week 13 started on the iRacing service today. It’s a gap week where normal series stop and iRacing puts on some one-off events whilst we wait for the next update.

Many racers are eagerly awaiting the roll out of new cars and tracks with iRacing 2.0.

I am on holiday so have more time than usual to lay rubber on the track and there’s a dirth of time trials today so, once I found out that the mazda week 13 race would be at Lime Rock – a pretty easy course to get around safely – I finally plucked up the courage to run in my first official race.

I finished in 7th – one lap behind the leaders – and would have been at least one position higher had I not spun out on lap 8. Have to admit, staying focused for 25 laps takes some doing!

IRacing Week 13 Mazda at Lime Rock

Results of first race on iRacing service

Road racing in the mazda is quite forgiving and if you’re not massively off the pace you should avoid dealing with blue flags for the majority if not all the laps. Because I span out I had a spate of blue flag situations to deal with and I slowed down way too much for one of them. Have to work on that!

Keeping yourself out of trouble is a rewarding feeling. Here’s a video from a qualifying session in week 12 where I drift out on one corner, get overtaken by two cars then having rejoined the track, dodge both as they spin out!

I tried an open practice on an oval earlier today at Thompson International Speedway in a street stock car and it was really difficult to dodge spun cars. Those stock cars don’t like changing direction so you have to look and plan well ahead. Part of the art, I think, is understanding where a spun car is likely to go next as you approach it at speed.

I racked up 40 incidents in the open practice. Think I’ll give oval racing a miss for a while longer!

Here’s the results of my first ever qualifying session (back on 23rd July).

First ever qualifying result

I even posted a few comments on the iRacing forum today and got a response from an iRacing employee.

This simracing hobby took another big step forward today 🙂


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