Time for Intervention at iRacing

Been working on this award patiently over the last few months. finally earned it!

iRacing Time for Intervention award achieved

Still enjoying iRacing. Have been trying each of the D-class tracks and vehicles since being promoted at the end of July. Favourite cars are the SK Modified (oval), Late model series (oval), and Mazda MX-5 cup (road). Like the Skip Barber (road) but can’t drive it 🙂 The Ford Mustang gets on my nerves. Legends are hard to drive but still quite enjoyable.

The VW Jetta (road) might be in same camp as Ford Mustang but haven’t driven it much. I avoid the Solstice (road).

Have spent most of my time doing time trials but will be progressing to racing on at least the safer tracks. Had lots of fun doing an SK Modified race last week but this week’s track is notorious for carnage so steering clear of it (pardon the pun).

A bit paranoid about trashing my safety rating until I’ve progressed up through the ranks at least once to try out all the racing series.


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