Hello Groboto! Come play with Modo and OctaneRender

Groboto was mentioned on the Luxology Modcast last week, so I thought I’d check it out since I’m always on the look out for magical modelling applications that help me to exercise my creative urges without burning a big hole in my wallet and free time.

Well, Groboto looks to be one of those magical tools and right now they are doing a special offer for mentioning their website so what better way to squeeze an extra 5% of the price than give a shout-out to this wonderful app 🙂

I had a quick go on the Mac yesterday and tonight I switched to Windows 7 x64 and have been trying out the export options for Modo 501 and Octane Renderer.

Here’s a basic test object I created in Groboto.

Test object in Groboto V3

I used the default options to export an Obj to Modo then used Modo’s material and environment presets to create a scene.

Preparing for a render of the Groboto object in Modo 501

I applied Pixar (a.k.a. Catmull Clark) subdivision surfaces to the mesh and it looked exactly as it did in Groboto.

Here’s the render.

Groboto object rendered in Modo 501

I figured I’d go one step further so updated Octane Renderer to the latest version and imported the obj into it. Octane doesn’t do subdivisions so I exported a pre-subdivided “PrimMesh” from Groboto set to the High resolution present.

Here’s the object in Octane Render.

Groboto object in Octane Renderer

and here are two different style renders.

Octane render style 1

Octane render style 2

This whole exercise took less than an hour and included me reminding myself how to use various tools in the pipeline as well as familiarise myself with Groboto.

Groboto’s definitely on my wishlist after this short trial. Let’s hope I’ve promoted the tool enough to get an amplified discount 🙂


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