CG: Sculptris First Impressions

Reading 3D World magazine today I stumbled across Sculptris. Sculptris is a scuplting application that recently joined the Pixologic fold along with its author Tomas Pettersson. It’s in Alpha at the moment and Pixologic are giving it away for free. You can read more about Sculptris here. The main forum is here.

Sculptris frees you from worrying about the mesh by dynamically increasing resolution where required to accommodate changes to the model. You can start with a sphere and quickly drag out limbs without any unsightly stretched polygons or clicks to recalculate the mesh.

Sculptris generates highly detailed triangulated meshes.

Test Blob in Sculptris showing mesh and Sculptris UI

A random blob wasn’t satisfactory for an introduction post so I had a go at creating something recognisable… a blobby monster!

Monster sculpted and painted in Sculptris

I then tested that I could export the model and texture to Modo for the final render and it went through without a fuss.

Two views of the monster rendered in Modo 501

I think this tool will help release some of my creative urges. It’s lucky for Pixologic that they were able to bring Tomas on board as Sculptris could have posed strong competition for ZBrush both in the sculpting and painting in the long term. As it stands, Sculptris is a good companion product for ZBrush.


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