SimRacing: Highly recommended: SoftTH 2.07

Having struggled to setup NVidia’s surround display (and buying three identical monitors to finally get it to work), I am amazed at how easy it was to set up a triple-headed display using SoftTH 2.07 alpha with the configuration tool. So amazed in fact that I had to come write a post about it.

Procedure was:

  • disabled SLI (… took courage and a reboot)
  • skimmed SoftTH instructions
  • copied DLL to the correct location
  • Ran config tool.
  • tweaked settings
  • installed config in correct location
  • ran iRacing.


worked first time. game rez of 3840×720 and averaged nearly 100 FPS in game at Suzuka Circuit with drops to 59FPS around the pits area.

Main benefits of this for me:

  • I can go back to using 3 separate screens in Windows and maximize works correctly on each of them.
  • I can revive my quality 24″ Dell monitor from storage and swap it for one of these cheap LG W2363Ds.



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