Playstation 3 R.I.P.

My Playstation 3 died today.

I had settled down to watch a blu-ray movie (Let the right one in). 10 minutes in, I paused playback. When I came back, audio commenced but the picture would not update. I exited playback, everything seemed ok. Tried to watch the movie… nothing. Tried a few more times and eventually the screen went black and the PS3 was unresponsive. Resorted to unplugging the power. Since then, I’ve had nothing but a black screen, green light, some sort of fan activity… but nothing will come up on the display and no sound. It’s as though the video card is dead.

I’ve tried putting my old HD back into the PS3. I’ve tried the system reset advice. I’ve tried downloading latest system update onto a compatible USB stick. Nothing.

Oh well. I had 4 good years with that Playstation. I’m going to miss it, especially as a blu-ray player. Sadly, a replacement will have to wait.

PS3 R.I.P.

PS3 R.I.P. 2007-2011


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