Baby steps… 3ds max bible quick start wip

so today I started with a little foray into Daz3d…

Experiment with Jasmine character in Daz studio

… then dusted off 3ds max and the 3ds max bible.

Dinousaur from quick start at the quick render stage

I struggled with the sand texture for a while until I realised I needed to scale it down to 0.2 to get something reasonable with the generic unit setup. In the end, the quick start up to the initial render was fairly painless.

The animation section is tiny but hides a whole bunch of tweaking.

Dinosaur with a CAT Allosaurus rig.

It took me a while to realise that I’d not placed the CAT rig in the exact centre and thus wasted time moving the center bones to left/right and introducing assymetry that increased difficulty of fitting the rig. I also made mistake of adjusting the bones using world and view co-ordinates when I should have used local transforms.

When I’d had enough of trying to place the bones, I found that the influence of many bones needed to be tweaked as I had stationary vertices when I tried to move the model. I could probably have avoided most of the final hunt for static vertices by adjusting the bone size prior to skinning: bones that envelope the model will definitely influence it. However, I’m not sure it’s feasible to create this setup: the bones might conflict with each other. Something to try another day.

In the end I aborted completing this exercise tonight as I still have some vertices to trap before moving onto the final animation phase. Still, it was interesting and enjoyable practice. Learnt a lot.


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