Happy New Year – Lots of work and hoping for plenty of gameplay

Happy New Year!

Back to work with a bang but still squeezing in the odd hour of gameplay here and there.

Here are my favourite games of the moment – with the games I’ve bought most recently first.

Age of Empires Online

Age of Empires Online

The core game is free to play but you get spammed with information about paid-for perks. I ended up buying the special pro persian bundle (includes premium Egyption pack and Defence of Crete booster pack) early on (Egypt, Level 3) just to be sure I could use all the items I received (e.g. rare items) and create a bigger inventory.

I really like the game so far. Interface is very slick and the gameplay on the easy initial quests is quite leisurely and relaxing. I have hardly touched the surface and suspect it will get quite hectic before long.

Batman Arkham City

The game world looked very interesting from the outside though I was concerned about the fight sequences. I tried the game via the onlive service initially. It held up pretty well but I decided to buy the PC version rather than take the onlive plunge (ignoring bandwidth concerns, the thought of other people just dropping in to watch what you’re doing in onlive is still a little freaky to me).

The core game seems quite linear but the linearity doesn’t appear to be a problem so far. The in-game help claims that bashing buttons will not help you and I predict later in the game my inability to heed the game’s advice will be my downfall.


I’ve spent 49 hours in Skyrim so far – has to be close to the most time I’ve spent in any game in the last 10 years. This game is a delight. A delight with no sell by date. Since I like to savour delightful things, I am in no rush to return to Skyrim but know that when I do, I will enjoy every minute.

Assassin’s Creed

At some point I’ll get back to this game series. I would like to complete all the games in the franchise but as I’ve restarted the first game 3 times (got to maybe 20% on PS3, then tried the Xbox and finally bought the PC version) and have many distractions, it could be years before I restart this title.




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