iRacing back on track after NTM updates

When iRacing first introduced the NTM onto the Mazda MX-5 and Lotus 79 – the two cars I drove the most on the service – my enjoyment took a big hit. The cars felt unpredictable and even though others were setting strong times,  I lost confidence behind the wheel. The Maza MX5 had been my safety blanket on the service. However badly I drove the other cars, I could race in the Mazda safely and compete mid-pack. Not so after the NTM update.

The timing couldn’t have been worse: I’d grown tired of time trials and had decided to take the plunge into competive racing in the Mazda. Disillusioned, I went from using the service every week to pushing myself to use it just enough to meet the “Minimum Participation Requirement”.

Roll on a few months and a few NTM updates, the Lotus 79 is back to being my favourite car. I still have little faith in the Mazda but haven’t tried it since the last NTM update. I’m hopeful that I can get back to my racing plan albeit delayed by 6 months. I might even pluck up the courage to race in the Lotus 79!

My problems at the end of last year were compounded by a change in steering wheel from my trusty Logitech Driving Force GT to the Fanatec CSR wheel. The CSR wheel developed calibration issues so I eventually switched to a Fanatec GT3RSv2 that was in storage (another story 😛 ) butby then I’d already reduced my time on the iRacing service.

To get the CSR wheel fixed, I needed to capture a video of the fault in action. I’ve finally got ’round to setting up my camcorder and reinstalling the CSR wheel and guess what? So far, the CSR wheel is behaving! Here’s a not-so-hot lap I recorded yesterday.

3 Responses to “iRacing back on track after NTM updates”
  1. Davide says:

    Can you help me??? Your setting in game, firmware and setting in the profiler and on the wheel!!!

    • obadonke says:

      I haven’t played on iracing for a while and the CSR wheel developed the problem again but I decided not to follow it up. If I fire up with the GT wheel again I’ll post settings here but in the meantime my advice is to ask on iracing forums: the people there are VERY helpful!

  2. Davide says:


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