Modo 601 is here! Luxology out-does Apple at the late reveal

Hoorah! Luxology Modo 601 was announced this evening (morning in the US) and I already have it installed!

Modo 601 about screen

Luxology hinted that they would be releasing information about Modo 601 on Twitter today starting at 5pm GMT. I started following the feed around 6pm and a lot of videos had already been linked. I wasn’t able to give it my full attention and only got through a few before I was called away. Back again a few hours later, trying to pick up where I left off I noticed somebody tweeted they had already upgraded.

What?!? I haven’t even finished whetting my appetite for the upcoming future release and, the future is already here?

Luxology has out-Appled Apple in the reveal stakes with this release. Truly amazing.

I’m writing this post 7 hours later and I still haven’t watched even a quarter of the videos. I have upgraded, downloaded and installed Modo 601 plus content now though and tried out two of the many new features.

Rounded edge width is a new material property in Modo 601 (see Luxology TV video here). You can use it to automatically add rounded edges between surfaces sharing the same material even if those edges are in different meshes.

Here’s an example of how disconnected meshes look without the new setting:

Rounded edge width set to zero

With the setting increased to 100mm for this scene the results are as follows:

Rounded edge width set to 100mm

See how much smoother and realistic the edges look? There are some small artefacts on the more complicated joins but on the whole this is damn near spot on with zero effort.

In the process of creating these renders, I experimented with another new feature by setting up a Render pass group based on the rounded edge width channel of the material. I created two render passes in the group, one with rounded edge width at zero and the other with rounded edge width set to 100.

Render pass group controls

Now I have to go learn how to render a volumetric cloud before bed and I’m going to try save everything related to character animation for the weekend. 😉 All the other goodies will be waiting like unwrapped sweets in the cookie jar until I can swallow them up.

Anyhoo, you should go check out Luxology’s site for more information or go read the #Modo601 tweets by @Luxology .


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