Modo 601 character animation quick test

There is so much to Modo 601 and every little bit is so tasty. Take character animation for example. I put this little animation together after watching one Modo 601 reveal video. It took me all of 10 minutes to do the main steps.

The simplicity of adding bones with Intersection (rays shot through the mesh determine the approximate centre) combined with the power of the heat mesh bind tool option make Modo a breeze even for an acutely part-time 3D hobbyist like me.

Rigged dancing cross figure with skeleton items expanded

You can create keyframes quickly and easily with the pose tool. The tool provides effortless control of inverse kinematics for animation tasks like this.

Modo 601 Pose Tool

In a world full of software patent litigation, I’m amazed and delighted that Luxology managed to find fresh and simple approaches for adding joints and deformers to meshes.

As a starting step towards a deeper understanding of animation, I’ve tried several times to do something simple like the above in other packages. I’ve always fallen short of my goal in the time I had available due to the learning curve and tweaking necessary. I got it done at the first attempt in Modo!


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