Modo 601 blobs and a little volumetric

Today’s foray into Modo 601’s treasure chest was a sample of the new blob item.

The basic process for this video was:

  • load the chicken from the preset library (easy to do in Layout view)
  • add a surface generator to add randomly spaced particles over the chicken mesh.
  • add a blob, using the surface generator as the point source.

To texture the blob, you must use an item mask. To do this, right-click on the blob in the item list and choose “Create item mask”. Use the newly created item mask as the filter for your chosen material in the render tree.

Brad Peebler explains the whole process eloquently on Luxology.TV.

I used the enhanced network rendering features of Modo 601 to produce this movie and must admit I had a few problems:

  • information is a little scarce on how to correctly set up 601’s network rendering
  • my mix of Win and Mac machines don’t seem to stay connected during a render meaning some machines stay idle.

In short, all you have to do to enable network rendering is tick the “Use Network Render Nodes” box in Modo’s system preferences under Rendering | Final Rendering.

The old technique of using a shared directory is sidelined in 601 by the new “Send and Accept Assets for Network Job” option. If you want to set and use a Network Shared Directory, you must turn the new “Send and Accept…” option off.

On an unrelated note, I also produced a little volumetic cloud yesterday. Figured I’d post the image here.

Modo 601 volumetric cloud


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