Modo 601 network render farm trials and cell edge material taster

The featured image is a test render including the cell edge material shader. It’s a frame from an animation I started working on today as part of a wider project to implement Luxology Modo network rendering on Amazon’s AWS EC2 cloud.

I’ve spent what spare time I could muster over the last week or so learning the basics of EC2 and coming to the conclusion that Modo’s built-in networking technology (bonjour) is not suited to Amazon’s infrastructure even when using a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). The main reason is that Amazon’s EC2 doesn’t support broadcast or multicast TCP nodes, leaving bonjour incapable of discovering services.

Distributed rendering of large images in Modo is out of reach of AWS but frame-by-frame distributed rendering (i.e. for animations) is still possible if you implement a frame server plus rendering agent (i.e. a little tool to command Modo to render one frame and submit results back to the server).

I’ll lose motiviation to do all the tech stuff if I don’t produce some animations along the way that I’d like to render with the render farm when it’s ready so I decided on the first one tonight: a simple car animation.

frame from late in the animation

I used an out-of-the-box asset and creaeted a simple 5 second animation that ends with the car disappearing on the right. So far there are no materials and the model is one mesh with no moveable parts. However, the asset is constructed such that you can easily disassemble it into individual parts for texturing, rigging and animation so I will most likely work on it some more and learn a whole bunch more about Modo in the process.

For more information on Luxology’s cell edge material shader. See the video on Luxology TV.

2 Responses to “Modo 601 network render farm trials and cell edge material taster”
    • obadonke says:


      I only implemented what I needed to get the render service working for my renders. It’s not robust enough to be commercialized. Thanks for asking .

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