6 hours with Unity

I’m now about 6 hours (spread over 3 days) into my Unity experience and happy with the results so far.

Yesterday I switched to an up-to-date version of my chosen guide book. This edition is called Unity 3.x Game Development Essentials and it was worth starting from the preface again as a lot of the material has been refreshed. You could say I burnt an extra few hours by doing that.

One noteable addition in the new version is a new chapter 2 that guides you through the construction of a fully interactive game prototype.

Follow this link to see the game in action.

The thumbnail below takes you to a full size image of the development environment.

Although I have Unity Pro, you can create this game with the free version.

Update – after 10 hours

Did another interactive sample based on what I’d learnt in Chapter 2. First attempt at realizing an idea. First draft was maybe 30 minutes, the rest of the time has been spent tweaking settings and learning about extra stuff to add polish.

The roller ball example.

Unity Day 3 – Rollerball example


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