Unity Day 5 – the spare time gamble

I forgot to do some presentation slides for my boss over the weekend and I’ve promised to have them done by tomorrow morning or at the latest tomorrow close of play. I didn’t get to them during the day and straight after work I went to visit my partner who is recuperating from an operation.

Sticking to the original slide delivery schedule, my “spare time” to work on the project started at about 9:30pm but… I was dog tired. Too tired to do work efficiently anyway. Not tired enough to go to bed of course. No, still enough energy for Diablo or a spot of Unity.

The title of this post pretty much sums up my choice. I read Chapter 4 of Unity 3.x Game Development Essentials most of which relates to rudimentary programming fundamentals that I already know but which also rather sneakily contains some pearls of wisdom about Unity that you’ll miss if you try skim the content. Ok, so if I wasn’t half asleep I might have been able to cherry pick the best bits. Guilty as charged!

The featured image is a screenshot of today’s tweaked Island game.

The chapter didn’t have any worked examples but it explained enough of Unity’s workings for me to:

  • add a second back-facing camera to the First Person Controller
  • add a few boxes to the environment that spring up into the air if you click them.
  • increase character movement speed and jump height (simpler than resizing the island since pacing about during play test is pretty boring)

If I go to bed now I still have a reasonable chance to get up early and complete the slides before 9am. Best of both worlds? If I go now and fall straight to sleep, yes!


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