Unity Day 6 – Interaction 101

I’m on the third and hopefully final revision of the slides for my boss that I started yesterday morning. What a coincidence that I’m learning how to interact with a sliding door in Unity! [Poor segue but it’s all I’ve got tonight].

Chapter 5 of Unity 3.x Game Development Essentials is all about interactivity. It started out by introducing some of the 3D packages that work with Unity and that took me onto a tangent downloading the latest Blender and firing up Modo and 3DS Max to see how the books FBX assets look in the various packages.

I’m sad to report that Modo didn’t play nicely with the books FBX files. It looked like the model had imported correctly but the polygons didn’t render correctly and I had trouble viewing the meshes as anything but wireframe in model view.

Given the FBX files were probably from an Autodesk application perhaps its not surprising that 3DS Max 2013 opened them perfectly. However, what did surprise me is that when I saved a copy of the 3D model in 3DS Max format, Unity imported it automatically, just like an FBX file including materials and animations!

The transfer from 3DS Max to Unity appears absolutely seemless at first glance but it’s a very superficial impression at this stage.

Day 6 work in progress with 3DS Max, Unity and Safari Online Bookshelf

I only got through part of chapter 5 tonight but learnt several new tricks in the process:

  • importing assets into Unity from 3D packages with control over import parameters
  • playing audio samples on demand
  • playing model animations on demand

In the process of this session, I experienced a lovely crash in 3DS Max 2013 (64-bit) on Windows 7 [cleared the Slate (Materials) Editor view and BOOM! Bye bye max], bought two blender training videos and subscribed to F1 Magazine.

I’d say it’s been a productive evening, all told.


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