Tip: Use a Dummy to simplify 3DS Max to Unity world space conversion

My illness hasn’t lifted but I was determined to do something productive-but-not-work-related this evening. So, I revisited the world space conversion topic from the last post.

I couldn’t understand why the UGDE  book example assets appeared to have standard pivot orientations yet were importing correctly into Unity. Had I missed a trick? Upon closer inspection it turned out the book assets had a dummy parent object called “blend_root” that had the necessary pivot rotation applied.

For reference, the exact values for the pivot rotation are:

     X: 90, Y:0, Z:-180.0

If I enter Z:180, 3ds max changes it to -180.

Learning this nugget and ensuring I understood the significance and handling of 3DS Max System and File Units was about my fill today.

On a broader topic though, I have started to feel a little embarassed at the naive simplicity of the 3D models I’ve been using in my Unity tests so far. They meet my initial brief perfectly (simple so as not to detract emphasis or time from the core goal of learning Unity) but I’m starting to think I should have aimed at least a little higher to show that I’m not completely artless when it comes to building models in 3D packages.

Anyway, my pride hasn’t quite convinced me to stop posting examples filled with cruedly painted boxes and spheres yet. Maybe next time. 🙂


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