Letters are your friends

One idea from the Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain book is that language is firmly on the left-hand (L-mode) analytical side. Since we’re generally thinking about language when we draw letters, our writing tends to be messy. The more analytical we are day-to-day, the messier our writing. On the other hand, if we think carefully about the form of each letter we write, our R-mode thinking kicks in, freeing our creativity.

I’m usually so far into L-mode thinking that I can’t even be bothered to write words properly. I’d much rather type or talk. Today’s idea then, was to push myself into more R-mode thinking by concentrating on the space and form occupied by each letter as I wrote unique words into a block of 1444 squares.

Here’s the result.

It’s not particularly artistic but no matter: this was much more about the journey than the end result.

EDIT: Looks like I wrote the wrong date on the drawing. Actually completed on the 19th. 🙂


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