Self reflection, wrinkles and a dominant eye

It was back to exercises that force me out of my comfort zone today as I tackled the first real assignment in the Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain book.

The exercises were:

  1. Draw yourself in the mirror.
  2. Draw someone you know from memory.
  3. Draw your non-drawing hand

It’s not the first time I’ve done these exercises. The first attempt was in 2007 but my motivation dwindled after the first few chapters, never to return. I still have one of the original drawings.

Here’s the 2012 self portrait.

self portrait

The drawing of my partner from memory was a bit of a train wreck because it doesn’t look anything like her but as a generic drawing of a human being it’s better than the 2007 drawing below.

I went into the hand drawing exercise with an air of confidence. It was quite easy to find reference points and relationships between areas when defining the overall shape. However, I came unstuck when adding the details.

My hands have more wrinkles and veins than I remember and I couldn’t work out how to outline them or how to shade cleanly enough to represent them with “negative space”: I know the concept but don’t know how to apply it.

In the end, I did a bit of vague shading (a.k.a. hand waving) with the pencil in the hope it would capture something recognisable.

Another realisation from the hand drawing exercise: the distance between objects can be drastically different when viewed from your left or right eye in close up. So, if you’re drawing something that’s close to your face and trying to establish spatial relationships, pick one eye as your point of reference and shut the other one.

Finally, here’s the sketchhere are the sketches from 2007.

2007 self portrait

2007 Sketch of person from memory

2007 hand drawing


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