Caroline’s Vase

Continuing with the Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain book, I’ve just started Chapter 4 “Crossing over: experiencing the shift from left to right” in which the author helps the reader understand the shift required to move from L to R mode thinking.

The first exercise is to draw the classic vase/faces optical illusion and explore any difficulties experienced when drawing the mirrored half of the vase.

Here’s the drawing:

Classic vase/face drawing based on my partner’s silhouette

I found that if I thought about the face, I would inadvertently stop drawing in a mirrored fashion, messing up the inverted profile. I had to focus my mind on completing the vase profile (ignoring the face) to get my head back into the task.

The exercise is only intended to take a few minutes but I took extra time to find a suitable silhouette reference photo of my partner and also went on to fill in the silhouette, scan it then clean up the work in photoshop to create a perfectly symmetrical drawing to emphasize the optical illusion. The resulting photoshop work is the feature image of this post and you can click the thumbnail below to see larger version.


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