Two months post Diablo 3 launch

For me, Diablo 3 – which I’ve hardly mentioned since before it’s launch on May 15th – is an enjoyable way to pass the time and/or throw off the stress of the day. The artwork is pretty darn gorgeous too so the game also fuels my passion for art, computer graphics and game development. If I could stop time, I’d write my own ARPG dungeon crawler with hand-crafted models and textures in hommage to this game.

I’ve sunk 90 hours into Diablo 3 so far. The first class I picked was a Barbarian and progressed him through to Nightmare. In the process I lost interest in the Barbarian’s fighting mechanics so I went back to progress other classes rather than push onward to Hell and Inferno.

If you’re going to alternate between character classes it helps to keep them at similar levels so they can swap gear. However, if you’re ethically ok with using the auction house to kit out your character, sharing loot between characters is less of an issue because you’re very likely to find something better at auction anyway.

Only one of my characters is hardcore. It’s a monk sitting at Level 5 early in the first act. It’s surprising how differently you play when death is permanent and it makes for an interesting twist. However, I suspect the curiosity will quickly give way to heated frustration when a heavily-time-invested hardcore character dies. I don’t have the patience for that so I’m leaving hardcore for when I really don’t have anything better to do… or at least, when I don’t want to do anything better with the time since there’s always something to do :).

Two months in, and even though I’ve played the first two acts at least 5 or 6 times, I am still enjoying each session and finding new events, dungeon pieces or monsters. Each fight is unique and often requires some thought to avoid death. What’s more, there are completely new game mechanics in later difficulties – as I’m finding whenever I return to the Barbarian.

I guess the day will come when I don’t want to play Diablo 3 any more but right now, that day feels a long way off.


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