Drawing Taylor S

Over the last four days I haven’t found enough spare time to continue the exercises from Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain but I did manage to pick another model and do 4 “stretch-sketch” exercises.

The first two were drawn on the same day when I was in a good mood and pretty relaxed. I was very pleased with the result even if I still haven’t managed to capture a true likeness of the subject.

Taylor S – Sketch 1

Taylor S – Sketch 2

The next sketch was drawn the following night. I’d been working long hours to complete an urgent project for work (about 24 hours work in 2 days) and was absolutely exhausted. I had also left my eraser at work. The drawing did not go well.

Taylor S – Sketch 3

Several times during sketch #3 I caught myself drawing a rough approximation of a human feature rather than really looking at the image I was trying to replicate. It was a real show of L-mode dominance.

The final image is from this morning. Out of the poses I’d selected, this was my favourite. So, even though I was more relaxed, the stress of work was replaced by high levels of expectation which unfortunately were unsatiated by my artistic endeavours.

Taylor S – Sketch 4

On the plus side, the sketches of Taylor S don’t look like the sketches of Alyssa so I’m capturing some likeness, just not enough to shout about yet.

I can feel myself getting more and more critical of my drawings. Every picture I like seems to raise the bar. It’s important that I curb expectations though lest they kill my motiviation like they did back in 2007.


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