Experimenting with Picture Formats #2

The next exercise in Chapter 7 of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain is to draw the negative spaces around a chair and in doing so, inadvertently draw the chair. The brief also included practising the principles of a base unit and keeping the drawing in proportion.

Naturally, I mixed in another picture format experiment to spice things up.

I picked a negative space to the left of centre as my base unit. It turned out to be a little too small and I almost ran out of room for the righthand side of the chair.

Whilst I tried to focus purely on the negative space, I found it practically impossible to form reliable visual relationships between the negative spaces without considering how the positive spaces were dividing them. I guess you could say the positive space became double-negative space.

Once the chair was drawn (with a little mindless escapism to draw the holes in the backrest), I scanned it and experimented with the layout a little in Photoshop. Here’s the result.

This drawing deserves more clean up but I’m going to press on.


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